Why hike in a skirt?  

AIR FLOW!  The more air flow, the less moisture builds up to create chafe.  

Freedom to pee!  You can discreetly squat to pee without pulling down you pants to moon the trail.

Layering is a breeze.  On cold mornings keep you legging on, when you heat up easily pull them off without disrobing. 

Do these skirts have undershorts? 

Why isn’t there Velcro on the pockets anymore?

These are a true skirt with no undershorts.  If you prefer to wear something under your skirt, these come recommended from customers:

Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts

UA Volleyball Shorts

Women’s Recharge Compression 8

There are a few reasons for the change-over. Vecro tends to snag, especially in the wash. It also shows age and attracts all kinds of lint to get stuck in it over time. I was getting a lot of feedback from my customers that the pocket was hard to open with one hand. And lastly from a construction standpoint the new pockets are much more streamlined. I can make the pockets quicker and they lie flatter. I have confidently kept my passport and credit cards in the pocket while traveling abroad and no issues with keys falling out while rock scrambling on trail.