Win one of our new PURPLE hiking skirts! (Entry form at bottom)

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After several years of not being able to find purple fabric, we’re thrilled to announce that Purple Rain Adventure Skirts now offers PURPLE skirts!!! And better still … you can WIN one! 

The GIVEAWAY ENTRY FORM is at the BOTTOM OF THIS POST, but first we want to share a bit of the backstory with a short Q&A!

Purple Hiking Backpacking Skirt

How are the purple skirts made? 

Because we were unable to find purple fabric, we decided to have it custom dyed using an environmentally friendly process. Our purple fabric has a STANDARD 100 certification done by OEKO-TEX.

This is a worldwide consistent, independent testing & certification system that tests for harmful substances used during all stages of production (raw materials, intermediate, and end product). You can learn more about it here

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How did you select that exact shade of purple? 

Instead of making the choice ourselves, we put it out there to our customers and community. We posted several shade options on social media and asked people to vote. The one we went with was the clear winner. It was a lot of fun! A huge thanks to everyone who gave us their input! 

How did Purple Rain Adventure Skirts get its name? 

It’s a nod to our founder Mandy ‘Purple Rain’ Bland. Here’s how she tells the story… 

Flat out I named myself and I'm not shy about it. Other hikers were not very creative trying to name me 'High Energy' or 'Manda Panda'. I let it go for awhile until I started dreaming about a rain skirt.  

My trash bag skirt just wasn't cuttin’ the mustard after a couple hundred miles and I was in awe of all the handmade gear out there. Another female hiker had made her rain skirt. She told me where I could buy the fabric online and that they had all kinds of colors. I got giddy about the fact that I could make my own PURPLE rain skirt. 

I was currently on trail so I sent the request to my mother who, bless her heart, ordered the fabric and made me one from a tutorial online. I wore that thing everyday for the rest of my AT hike.  

I loved that the name was something tangible, I had a purple rain skirt. But also that I was from Minnesota for the Prince influence. 

I had been living in Portland, OR before I left for the hike so rain wasn't a big deal to me.  I was definitely the hiker who kept on hiking in the rain while others stopped at shelters … or never left them, all because of that purple rain skirt.

Check out the pics below showing Mandy’s evolution from trash bag skirt to her homemade purple rain skirt (the true original!!!).


Any other fun facts to share about the purple hiking skirts? 

The first year Purple Rain Adventure Skirts was in business Mandy found 20 yards of an awesome purple fabric. She way overpaid for it, but there are a handful of ladies still out there that have that original skirt. 

“It feels good to finally be offering another purple skirt,” Mandy says. “About damn time!” 


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Use the form below to enter to win a one of our NEW purple hiking skirts! Entering your email address will unlock opportunities for bonus entries, including sharing about the giveaway on social media, buying a skirt or kilt, and following us on Instagram. 

The winner picks her/ his size.

Want to learn more about the purple color skirt? Check it out here!