Purple Rain Adventure Skirts was founded by Mandy ‘Purple Rain’ Bland and first launched on Etsy in March 2014.  During a 2012 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail Mandy was inspired to try hiking in a skirt.   Unable to find what she wanted, she went about designing her own. Hacking up an old pair of convertible hiking pants, adding a comfortable waistband and some pockets, Mandy then headed back out on trail testing the design on the PCT that following summer.  Thus the Purple Rain Adventure Skirt was born.

Originally based out of Portland, Oregon Mandy launched the business from a dining room table.  Completing a grant program with Mercy Corp Northwest she gained access to small business resources and assets to further expand the company.  Now residing in southern Oregon, each skirt is handmade with love from her in-home studio.  All emails are handled by Mandy directly, providing an intimate customer/owner connection unrivaled by big box stores.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts is dedicated to providing people with performance apparel that inspires the freedom of adventure without compromising style or function.  We believe that hiking gives us strength to take on life's challenges.  The wilderness we trek through teaches us to find peace and perseverance in a hectic world.  Purple Rain Skirts encourages others to take comfort in the natural world, find their inner strength and to simply live.

Now put it in your pocket and let's go hiking!

The original Purple Rain Adventure Skirt in Crater Lake National Park